Why are we here?

Goal Revisited

Well my goal date has come and gone while I may not have fully accomplished my goals I did learn several things. Here is My Goal Revisited.

I did enjoy getting out and promoting this blog among several of you who are my avid readers, and while I did not post as much content as I thought I could this definitely gave me a good outlet to express several things I could not otherwise.  Below are the original goals that I set forth back in February when I first started this blog.

Goal #1- Write at least 3 posts per week until April 1st, 2018. 

Goal #2- Have Fun! This is supposed to be an outlet not a job

Goal #3- Write about one topic from the suggestion box.


I did not quite get in at least 3 posts per week nor was I able to write about one topic from the suggestion box because everyone is too shy to give me an idea.  Perhaps I can reach goal #3 at a later date as you become more comfortable with my works.

The good news for all of you is that I have had a lot of experiences over the last 2 weeks and I am going to disclose a few of them on here because I think it can be relevant to many of you.  I did have a period of time where not much was happening so I didn’t have any new material to provide for you, but then I got an injury/illness so I do have some details of that to update you on later this week.

My next goal is going to be revisiting goal #1 with some consistency.  I thoroughly enjoyed the writing when I began this project, but I did let life get in the way several times and decide not to write.  Far Cry 5 did also release so I have been keeping my free time occupied with that at night after the kid goes to bed.

I will see you a few more times over this week, and we will have more Goal Revisited posts as they come up.