Are They Into You?!?!

I have been on reddit recently and I have answered this question so many times in my short time there that I wanted to give some attention to that topic here as well.

So you’re trying to read someone else to see if they’re in to you or not? Don’t worry you’re not alone; I have 3 ways that will help you determine if the other person is in to you or not.  All of these 3 may not apply to all situations, but they should cover the majority of the dilemmas in life for you.

#3 They make time for you.

If you make someone happy and their life more enjoyable then they will make time for you outside their busy schedule.  They will seek you out even after they’re exhausted from a busy day and genuinely want to spend time with you no matter how tired they are.  They may also come to you with problems that they would like your help solving.  If they make time for you then it’s a sign that they’re into you.

#2 They find convenient ways to physically touch you

This one has been tried and true for many years.  If you’re in casual conversation and the other person keeps moving in closer to you, touches your arm while speaking/laughing, or even offers up a high five these are all good signs.  People don’t want to touch other people who they don’t feel comfortable with or who they don’t like/know outside of a standard greeting.  If you get a hug that lasts longer than 2 seconds that’s an excellent sign and so is holding hands or just resting one on top of yours. 

This is NOT an excuse to be creepy and if you feel uncomfortable then promptly tell them not to touch you again!


#1 You tell them you’re into them

This is the hardest but easiest way to find out if someone is in to you!  Just express your feelings and tell them that you’re interested in spending more time with them or that you really enjoy talking to them.  You need to be forward and communicate how you feel in order to get an honest reaction/feedback from the other person.  The best place to start a relationship is with open/honest communication and there’s no better time to state your position than right at first.

Please don’t come on too strong and tell them that they’re “THE ONE” and you want to get married next week before you’ve even gotten their name.  That’s strange and will make the other person sprint out of the room, and if it doesn’t then they may be crazier than you!!!


Please let me know if these helped you find out if they were into you!


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