Why can’t I finish things?

       This post may not be exactly about what you’re thinking, but my wife the other day said “I just want you to finish something”.  This was very eye opening for me, and it really has had me thinking for the last few days: “Why can’t I finish things”?  She is right I have started a few things lately which have ended up unfinished.  Right now I have a half started woodworking project in the garage, and I haven’t taken my salesforce certification test again I just keep putting it off.

I start things with the best intentions, but I stop doing them once they begin to get complicated or I am not easily successful at them.  I started that woodworking project weeks ago and I stopped after I got side tracked on doing this blog and website.  I think I was trying to focus on too many new things at once and I was unable to manage my free time very well in order to do both projects at once.

After she mentioned this to me I really started to think what have I started in life and then never finished?  The first thing that came to mind was my weight goals, I’d love to lose more weight but who wouldn’t.  I think this is more of an on going battle than something that has a definitive start and finish.

The more recent examples of the wood project and salesforce are much better concrete examples of something has had a beginning and an end.  I get very focused on it and I can stay focused on something new for a couple of weeks but then I start to lose interest or I find myself putting up a roadblock so I can’t finish it without removing that.  I cannot decide what I want the wood project to be anymore, it started off as a box but then I couldn’t visualize how easily it was going to come together with my salvaged wood because everything is a different thickness and I don’t have a planer to help with that.  So I felt stuck on the project until I decided that I wanted to put time and effort back into solving the problem.

The other recent non finishing thing has been the Salesforce Administrator exam which I studied for about 2-3 weeks and then failed the exam.  I was so upset and mad at myself that I just gave up on it and haven’t cracked another book open to even try again.  That’s been about 3 months now so it’s time that I get back on the wagon and start reading and studying again so I can pass this test and hopefully get a better paying job to provide for my family.

My goal for this week is to get my passport renewed which just involves filling out some paperwork and sending in some money.  I just have to print off the sheets or do the automatic fill in online and then print it off with my picture attached which I already have done.  It should be an easy task, but the roadblock in front of me is that I need to find my old one to get some information off of before I can submit the paperwork.  I know where it is I’ve just been too lazy to go and get it.

The real question is how can I get better at finishing things that I start instead of just leaving them half done sitting around?  I think I have found a solution and that is to start scheduling time to do those things on my calendar and inviting my wife so that she knows what I’m planning on doing and when to try and help me make time for the things that I would like to do.

If you start scheduling your life instead of just sitting there each night then you would be amazed at how much time you really do have to finish things.  Now that’s not to mean that I will sacrifice time with my son while he’s awake, I will just have to stay up a little bit later or get up earlier in the morning in order to get the things accomplished that are important to me. 


Which is a fancy way of saying stop being lazy, get off your butt and finish things!

Stop being lazy and finding excuses! Find ways to finish things!!!

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