The Background

On a very stormy night in August 2016 my entire life changed, it was that night I became a Father for the first time to my son.  Now I had already known for weeks that I was going to have a son, and the day I found out my heart was bursting with joy.  That night when they placed my son in my arms for the very first time was a very intense feeling inside.  The immense feeling of happiness, but also the realization of responsibility for another human life.  I soon realized that I knew very little about infants and their needs/wants, but I tried to be the best father that I knew how to be.

Most father’s I have met only learned what it meant to be a father from their fathers.  There is no instruction manual that comes with your child, and even if there was we’re men we wouldn’t read it anyway!!  I began to wonder how I could be a great father to my son, but I didn’t think I was equipped properly at the time on how to be a great father.

I must stop here and tell you that my father and mother were both present during my childhood and beyond so I did have my father in my life.  He did a good job as a father and I don’t have any major complaints about how he raised me.  One of the lessons he did instill in me was to always find a way to better the next generation, and it’s not specific on how or what but to just make sure they have more opportunities than you had as a kid.


The Review

This book takes place from the view of a child psychologist and the interviews with his patient’s over the years.  It’s not a clinical book and does not use fancy medical terms instead it keeps the spirit of the real issues the father’s and son’s are disconnecting.

When I started reading this book I began to feel that I wasn’t adequate with how I was already handling situations with my son, but I soon realized that most of these situations were occurring at an age much older than my son is now.  This book did help me see the small steps I can take now as he grows up to help alleviate some of the problems later.

 The book addresses the #1 problem as being feelings and how to express/communicate them between father and son.  Society teaches men that they should show no emotion and only keep it bottled inside never to be opened no matter the situation.  If we as father’s teach our sons this same principle then we are just perpetuating the cycle.  YOU need to show your son that it is appropriate to express feelings including sadness and crying.  These are normal emotions that need to be conveyed in order to be human.

I want to encourage all of you to read this book, yes there’s even a chapter in it for moms that made me appreciate my wife even more.  If you want to have a better relationship with your son and better the next generation read this book. 

Take some time out of your day to improve your life because if you do it will also improve his.


I have provided a link below to where you can purchase the book. (I will get paid if you use that link to purchase your book)

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Take some time out of your day to improve your life because if you do it will also improve his.

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